well, its apparently my turn to try to extend the life of a 1991 Audi V8Q 5-speed. this one is fresh off of a copart lot in minneapolis, and has been in a front-end collision which has left it with a slightly upturned frame rail on the drivers side, a drivers-side quarter-panel that's looks like was pulled inward at the bottom by the aluminum headlight support that's attached to it (and cracked as a result of the accident) and a cracked radiator core support. in order to "free" the bumper so that i could get a better look, i also removed the drivers side bumper guide by grinding the plastic expansion nuts down/off with a dremel tool, so im going to need one of those as well. there is surprisingly little paint damage as a result of the collision, and the rest of the paint on the car shows very well, so rather than embark on a painting exercise, i'm hoping that someone out there has a pearlescent white V8Q radiator core support and headlight support, and also a drivers side bumper guide, that they are interested in selling. if so, feel free to contact me via audiiv8.com.