After poking around the wast web it seems that this and motorgeek is the best place to look for some answears to my little project..

I have an -91 Audi V8 with the regular 3.6 and automatic transmisson (and thankfully the Evo front lip, the trunk also shows signs of having the rear spoiler at one time to but sadly not at the moment..)
I also have an RS4 B7 engine with the manual getrag (40/60 F/R split) to go with it! The plan was to mate these two together. Along with that I have a bunch of other plans aswell which is why I have started this topic.

I'll start with a couple about the car itself (since it's 12 hours drive away from where I live at the moment parked in a shed at my parents...)

1. Fuelpump. Does the V8 have the pump inside (drenched) or outside the tank?
- Answeared. In tank, and for a direct Bosch 040 fit theres the 69420 basket from the C4.

2. Does the V8 have the fully adjustable steering column? Meaning not just up and down, but also in and out? I Know the C4 Audi 100 (european) has it, can't remember on the V8..

3. Does anyone know if the center console (around the shifter etc) from the C4 fits? They are very similar otherwise around the dash but I haven't checked how the C4 connects to the dashboard. C3's with the new interior in black are growing increasingly rare here in Sweden :/

4. Could the clutch and brake pedal assebmbly from the C4 fit? Or is it C3 if I want a direct fit?

5. Have anyone here fitted mirrors from any other Audi model to a V8 or C3? I would like something that looks like the C4's mirrors instead (or any other Audi from 92-02 or something)

I'll probably come to think of something more later too.. it's a pain in the ass trying to plan something like this when the car is so far away..

Engine and driveline then.

1. The oilpan and aluminum bottom half of the block (the part between the bottom of the oilpan wich is in steel and the block itself) is cracked on my engine. Could it fit from an other V8 model to this block? Or should I assume that it is unique to the FSi V8's with camchain?

2. Propshaft.. The RS4 box is 87cm's wich is 4cm longer than the 01E 6 speed, the monster auto is 106cm's! I'll have to mix and match a bit, but I would really appreciate some help here. Moving the engine a centimeter or two is OK if I can get one that doesnt need to be modified, even movin the centerbearing position is an alternative. In total I need something that's around 1440mm long. I could benefit from any measurments of propshaft thou, both front and rear pieces. (Stupid me didn't think to measure both parts on the V8 either so even the original measurements are interesting.)
-C4 S4 5 speed has one thats 1508mm long. Does anyone now the length difference between the 5 and 6 speed?

I really hope that the answer to these questions can be found here, it would help greatly

(If someone is curios, I'll be using C4 front driveshafts, they seem to be the right length. Engine and trans mounts will be custom)