have a Peugeot 206 1.6 16v borsch me7.4.5 ... car BSI siemens
9646777380. I published EPROM 95160 FFFFF ful and then I go to BSI,
calcs conf present, VIN, then go to teach button ... I
pins and put lexia 3 pp2000
said. BSI is virgine, please make learning
BSI. But I have already configured adapters BSI will also ...
return. BSI Telecod replacement ... .. ... The key learning
even ... Why BSI detect blank States?

If you have the original PIN code, just follow what I say as follows.
No need to blank file and not need to worry about entering the PIN.
Open lexia,
choose Citroën C3 and go to the BSI, learning and enter the
pin code. BSI accept. After that, return to work and pp2000
I fixed many many PSA BSI Group, unused blank files.