Several final questions. Finally got the rear main seal and oil pump drive housing in.
Had the front seals pressed in, and everything is ready to be put together.

1. Im confused on where the three freeze plugs go in back.
Heres a shot of the 3 holes they fit in, however, the larger ones, there is no hole, just an indentation.

The bigger ones are on the left and right, and the copper one in the center
Shot of the plugs for size reference, on a 8x11.5 piece of paper.

Pardon the dumb question, I just cant find the picture i took of it before it went to the machine shops.

2. Next question is regarding the o-rings for the retention valves.
I purchased a kit from mcmaster-carr of japanese industrial standard ones, black in color.
The smaller, lower one is a p20, 19.8x2.4mm, and the larger a p22, 21.8x2.4mm.
Will the Bruna-N JIS o-rings hold up, rated form -35 to 250F, or get the Viton Fluoroestomer ones, both oil and chemical resistance, and ranging from -15-400F.
I would have ordered them from audi, but they don’t have a part number.

3. I ordered a rear main seal from the audi dealer, and the one that came off my car has a part number 077 103 173 D, the one I received has a part number 077 103 173 E.
I had the shop that pressed the front two seals in for me measure both with an electornic caliper, and both are the same. The difference is the time of seal ring they use. The old one has an black rubber one, with a metal spring inside. The new one has a rubber outer ring on the outside, and a felt like inner ring, and on the inside, its not rubber, but something similar.
According to audi parts guy, its the only one in the country, and the machine shop said it will work fine.
I am just double checking to be thorough.

4. Any harm in replacing all the torx bolts with hex ones? Same type of bolt, both heads are flat head.
I am assuming that both metric hex and torx bolts have a 90 degree angle, while all the standard have a 82 degree angle.
I eyeballed them, but I just want to be sure.

Thanks for the help!
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