"Why the V8" ?
Because: You'll never forget the girl on the passenger's seat.
1. It's more exotic to pronounce than BMW and Mercedes Benz.
2. The cool commercial with the inuit people.
3. It evolved into a really good car - the A 8.
4. It takes more than a good income to fix it.
5. Even the Audi dealer will shrug his shoulders when you have a problem.
6. Wall Mart won't change the oil for you.
7. A second hand V8 without a manual will turn into a discovery channel documentary.
8. Rachmaninov's "Vocalise" never sounded better before (or after), never mind Beethoven's Fifth Symphony conducted by Carlos Kleiber .
9.The outside mirrors will turn brown eventually.
10. You still turn heads in your neighbourhood and nobody knows how much your bills account for.
11. The one that any of us can add.