Hello to All !!

Probably somebody else has same problem I have: rear springs of A8.

My car had "car adjustment level", hydraulic system. But when I tried to buy Sachs shock absorbers rear end of my car, I found it impossible. Sachs doesn´t manyfacture them anymore.

So, I installed -97 two-ways gas chock absorbers to my -95 A8, with effect car´s ass drop down 5cm. It´s not bad to drive, but it´s uncomfortable. I have ask all spring manufacturers who sell harder of higher springds to A8, but nobody does.

Last week I found solution: Finish company name "Vallilan Takomo" manufactures springs. And they customize them asYou wish: harder, lower, higher, linear, progressive, degressive You name it. And best part is comming: Springs normally cost 60-70€/pcs. And they are Finnish TÜV approved. I´m not shure if they are approved in Germany, but hey, we are in EU!!.

So, if You are interested, please contact teemu.punkka@vallilantakomo.fi (sales), or pekka.toivio@vallilantakomo.fi (designer). But just wait couple of days. They don´t have A8 spring geometry yet. I have to uninstall my spring and bring it to them. So they know what kind is original spring. And from that point thay can start design spring just for You use/imation. And If You have extra springs, You can send them to they. And tehy know moore about Audi´s world.

Could be worse, not much, but could be...